Optimize Customer & Employee Experience
with 24/7 Call Handling Support

Your dedicated virtual receptionists–tailored to meet your business needs.

The TNS Experience

As a call-answering service provider with over 35 years of experience, we understand that prompt and professional call handling is crucial for any business to succeed. That’s why we offer an unparalleled experience with a commitment to quality service, innovative solutions, as well as expertise in conflict resolution and active listening.

At TNS, we act as a seamless extension of your business, providing 24/7/365 live answering services to delight your customers & employees whenever and however they reach out. We offer customizable, affordable, and on-demand solutions to help growing businesses save time and gain insights to grow tomorrow. 

With a team of friendly, highly trained professionals and a seamless safety app, we cater to your needs and help you communicate with customers and employees.

Flexible Solutions for Your Business Needs

Real people, no bots: TNS’ tailored virtual receptionists speak the language of your brand and customers. Our affordable and hassle-free answering services create seamless experiences for your customers & employees.

Battery Alarm Monitoring

Keep your business and property safe and protected at all times. Our 20 years of monitoring experience connects you to fast-acting solutions.

Virtual Dispatcher

From negotiating rates to handling paperwork, our virtual dispatchers create tailored solutions that give you the best transport options.

Medical Appointment Setting

Simplify your scheduling process with 24/7 live receptionists and increase leads even after office hours.

Security Alarm Monitoring 

Safeguard your clients, employees, and properties with 24/7 security monitoring experts that respond swiftly to emergencies and provide custom solutions.

Safety Check-In

Prioritize lone workers and traveling staff’s safety by providing a lifeline that’s provincial and federal regulations compliant.

Smartphone Safety App

Monitor and keep your workers safe with a comprehensive smartphone app that ensures safety solutions for any industry.

Smartphone Safety App

Smart safety in the palm of your hand

Take control of your team’s safety with our Smartphone Safety App. Designed to provide comprehensive and customizable safety solutions for your business, our app offers automatic check-ins, real-time alerts, and emergency response options, allowing your team to focus on their work.

Our app is user-friendly and customizable, providing efficient and innovative safety protocols that meet your unique business needs.

Customized Answering Services for Any Business

Providing excellent customer experience and specialized call-answering solutions to any industry.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Deliveries
  • Health Care
  • Home Care Nurses
  • Agriculture
  • Shipping
  • Contractors & Professional Services
  • Real Estate + Property Managers
  • IT and Tech Support
  • Social Services
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Lawyers

Hear it from our happy customers

Discover how we’ve helped other businesses improve their customer and employee satisfaction.

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Peter Smith

CEO Yahoo

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Peter Smith

CEO Yahoo

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare."

Peter Smith

CEO Yahoo

Seamless 24/7 call answering for your business

We understand that every call is crucial to your business’ success. Our 24/7 call-answering solutions are designed to provide seamless, professional, and reliable service to ensure your business runs smoothly around the clock. 

Our team of expert call handlers is available to answer your calls promptly, deliver exceptional customer service, and ensure your customers and employees are always taken care of. 


Expert safety check-in services for a protected and more productive team

Stay ahead of safety concerns and keep your team protected with our safety check-in solutions designed to keep your team connected, productive, and accounted for, no matter where they are.

Our expert team provides customizable options to fit your organization and streamline your safety procedures.

Battery Alarm Monitoring

Battery Alarm Monitoring

Maximize your equipment uptime and protect your assets. With proactive monitoring of battery health and performance that leverages 20 years of experience, our professional staff and cutting-edge technology ensure uninterrupted performance and minimize downtime by connecting you with the right people to handle your alarms.

Virtual Dispatcher

Effortless call management that keeps you connected 24/7/365

Get round-the-clock call-handling services that answer every call promptly, professionally, and personalized to just how you handle business. Our team of 100% human operators utilize advanced equipment to ensure you never miss a call.

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