Safety Check-In

Expert safety check-in services for a protected and more productive team
Stay ahead of safety concerns and keep your team protected with our safety check-in solutions designed to keep your team connected, productive, and accounted for, no matter where they are.

Our expert team provides customizable options to fit your organization and streamline your safety procedures.

Smartphone Safety App

Smart safety in the palm of your hand

Take control of your team’s safety with our Smartphone Safety App. Designed to provide comprehensive and customizable safety solutions for your business, our app offers automatic check-ins, real-time alerts, and emergency response options, allowing your team to focus on their work.

Our app is user-friendly and customizable, providing efficient and innovative safety protocols that meet your unique business needs.

Work Alone Safety

Protect your people with smart safetysolutions for lone workers

Empower your team to work alone confidently.
Our team of live operators keeps your lone workers connected and protected 24/7, no matter where they are. With customizable solutions designed to meet your unique business needs, our professional team streamlines your safety protocols, saving you time and resources while making compliance simple and efficient.