What We Do

Prioritize worker safety with our innovative solutions

Discover our range of safety solutions designed to keep your workers safe on the job in any environment.

We specialize in providing cutting-edge safety solutions for workers across a variety of industries, from construction to medical care. Our comprehensive safety services include everything from pre-travel checklists to lone worker monitoring, all designed to keep your workforce safe and productive on the job.

Our safety experts work closely with businesses to identify and solve safety risks, creating a safer workplace for everyone.

Journey Management

Protecting your traveling workforce

Jesi Journey Management is an all-in-one journey management and travel control protocol suite designed for industries that need to comply with transportation authority guidelines and mandates. Our comprehensive tool offers customizable forms and checklists, all accessible in one convenient application, SafetyAware.

With Jesi, you can easily process pre-travel checklists and receive automatic green or red lights based on conditions being met or not. In addition, our monitoring center operators can manually approve forms, providing an extra layer of security.

Jesi is a powerful and robust asset that seamlessly integrates into your existing infrastructure, ensuring an efficient and accurate journey management process.


Enhance driver safety and performance

iDriveAware is a comprehensive safety application that monitors your on-road staff’s driving behaviors in real time. With feedback given to the driven on their overall driving score and access to important data for operations managers, you can ensure that your staff is operating safely and efficiently.

Our AI coach grades the driver’s performance, taking into account behaviors such as harsh braking, speeding, hard turns, distracted driving, and swerving. Contextual data like weather, road conditions, and location are also considered, painting a clear picture for operations managers and drivers alike.

iDriveAware is perfect for businesses in transportation, delivery, home services, or field services, helping to improve driver performance and safety.


Safety at your fingertips

Our SafetyAware app provides a comprehensive safety solution for lone workers. Available on all Apple and Android OS, the app is intuitive and easy-to-use, while offering a robust suite of features that quickly become indispensable in any safety protocol.

With the control center platform, health and safety managers can customize escalation policies, create user groups, and add pertinent employee medical information. Our 24/7 real-time response center is always on standby to monitor lone workers using the SafetyAware app, responding to SOS, missed check-ins, and emergencies in real time.

Whether you work in oil and gas, healthcare, home care, agriculture, or other isolated conditions, our app is designed to keep your workforce safe and connected to our monitoring center anywhere in the world. Additionally, if your work in areas with love or no cellular service, you can use inReach SE+ devices integrated with SafetyAware to stay connected.