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Safety Solution: iDriveAware Safety Application

iDriveAware is another safety application offering from Aware360, it provides dynamic access to the driving behaviors of your on the road staff. The app provides feedback to the driver giving them indicators about their overall driving score. Also providing access to important data to operations managers.

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Your control centre platform allows our operations manager to evaluate driver performance, and communicate expectations clearly with your staff. The AI Coach will grade the drivers performance and give the driver access to an overall score.

iDriveAware is designed to help drivers improve behaviors through monitoring of their habits like harsh braking, speeding, hard turns, phone use (distracted driving), and swerving. Combined with contextual data such as weather, road conditions and location. iDriveAware strives to paint as clear a picture as possible to help operations managers and drivers take their road performance to the next level.

Whether you are in transportation, long haul, short haul, local delivery, home services, or field services. iDriveAware can help you be safer, request a live online demo today.

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